PIPPA is a tribute to those we love.

This collection is in honour of my grandmother, Philippa (Pippa), who passed this April.

Philippa was a brave, smart and strong woman who never let her situation or time define what she would achieve or deter her from forging a new path. She travelled the world to be inspired by creators and when home in Australia, she gave employment to dozens of women through her boutique childrenswear label.

Her courageousness inspires me every day. 

Among her achievements, I admire most in my grandmother, her ability to share openly, the way she felt about those who she loved. A card from my grandmother, held so much thought and joy. In the final year of her life, when she developed a sudden onset of dementia, despite her impaired ability to speak, she could always put together the sentence: ‘I love you’. 

Throughout my life, I have felt tremendously supported by this openness of her heart.

I often find myself too nervous or busy to express to others gratitude for the value they bring into my life. I have expected people to understand the love I feel towards them, yet have not had the courage to tell them.

 I now hope to be brave and to support others through kindness and openness, in the same way that my grandmother had always supported me. Through the PIPPA Collection, I hope to remind others to practise this too in their daily lives so that together we can build a community that feels loved and supported. 

Included with every piece from the PIPPA Embroidered Collection are the following;

-A card to give to someone you love
-A donation to the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation on your behalf

When I wear pieces from my wardrobe, I am reminded of the many memories I have made in them. I would like to invite you when you first try on your pieces from this collection, to take the time to write in this card and let someone you love know, how much you appreciate them. 

I hope through this small gesture, your pieces from the PIPPA Collection will encourage you to live generously, give support to others and yourself and to be courageous to follow your passions. These are the lessons that I have learnt from my grandmother that I would love to now pass on to you. 

With love,
Jessie x
EISHA Founder