Our Founder

Our Founder
It means so much to me that you have found yourself here.
EISHA in the language that my grandparents speak, translates to 'Women'.
It is my belief, that strong women, are women who understand the power that their individual choices hold to shape the world in which we live in. 
I myself, am a West Australian woman, with an educational background in actuarial science, economics and finance. I hope in the future that this gives me the knowledge to make meaningful changes in the way corporations and individuals make investment decisions, in order to build a more sustainable and inclusive world. 
Every dollar that we spend as individuals is a vote towards the type of world that we believe in. I feel incredibly empowered by this, as I believe it is in our everyday choices that we can create a world that we are proud of. 
Through EISHA, I hope to provide pieces that speak to these values. Clothes that are ethically crafted out of sustainable fabrics, that provide consistent employment opportunities and are made to be cherished and worn for years to come. 
I hope to create clothing that makes women feel confident and empowered, and that you love these pieces as much as I do.
EISHA is my wardrobe, shared with you.
With love,
Jessie x
EISHA Director